Aloe Vera Comfort

Aloe Vera has been widely grown as a medicinal plant for over 2000 years. Only 4 out of over 450 identified species have been recognized for their medicinal qualities. Aloe barbadensis, Miller has by far, the most beneficial bio-medical properties and is recognized and known as Aloe Vera, the true or medicinal Aloe (‘Vera’ meaning ‘true’ in Latin). Although Aloe Vera contains over 79 different constituents, its main physiological benefits are from correctly stabilized galactomannan polysaccharide chains found within the inner gel of its fresh leaves.

The key to differentiate between Aloe products is in the results. Aloe Vera Comfort Solution was developed by a pharmacist who, back in 1993, chose the gel from this top species over locally grown Aloe Ferox. It remains the extraordinary Aloe Vera solution sold in retail outlets today, recommended to help relieve gastrointestinal symptoms and assist in promoting and supporting the digestive system.

Most chronic diseases start in the gut. Intensive Care Nursing Sister and sole owner of Aloe Vera Solutions, Penny von Oppell, is passionate about helping others take personal responsibility for their health by integrating positive lifestyle changes with a healthy gut.


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